Welcome to Lou and Sharon Mountford's Home Page

Lou and Sharon, 1997


This site contains:

  • a current working genealogy database for our families

    Surnames of great-grandparents:
    Lou: Mountford, Cartlidge, Thompson, Prince
    Sharon: Palmer, Webster, Latta, Graham

    Please be aware that genealogy is a continuing pursuit and the file is updated and corrected quite frequently. Son Brian has modified Randy Winch's excellent genweb program so that the marriage data is now picked up. I have chosen not to post my research notes. If you want more info about any individual, please e-mail and ask. I am delighted to share. If you have corrections, please e-mail them as well!

  • photo album of ancestors and relatives
  • memorial gallery of the art work of Helen Latta, Sharon's aunt
  • mosaic connection

Also visit our site crostix.com, where you can play Sharon's acrostic puzzles online.

Mountford Family Home

Sharon and Lou in a photo for the church directory, 1997.